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Shipping Information

Our preferred way of shipping is USPS Priority Mail with insurance*. Priority Mail is normally shipped any were in the continental United States in 2 to 3 days and has delivery everyday except Sunday and national holidays with no surcharge. Shipping and Handling charges are non-refundable. We do not ship C.O.D. Shipping charges are determined by Byron Rogers Fine Photographs based on weight, value and destination at the time of delivery.

All shipments are FOB San Angelo, Texas

Free on Board or FOB, used in commerce to describe the value of goods at point of embarkation, excluding transportation and insurance costs. In an FOB shipping contract, the buyer of the goods pays the cost of shipping and assumes any risk of loss or damage. Export values are usually expressed FOB for customs and excise purposes.

Most orders (97%) go out the day we
receive them if the print is in stock

Shipping with either FedEx or UPS and not USPS? Click here?

Priority Mail Sticker
USPS (United States Postal Service)

A $7.95 shipping charge (for one pound or less) is added to each order for destinations within the continental United States. Next add insurance and/or delivery confirmation. Multiple print orders may have higher shipping costs. Save big by ordering several prints at the same time. See below: 

Note: Most Priority Mail parcels will ship with a Delivery Confirmation number. You can verify delivery with Delivery Confirmation. USPS Delivery Confirmation service gives you the date, ZIP Code™ and the time your article was delivered. If delivery was attempted you will get the date and time of attempted delivery. You will notice that this DOES NOT give you in transit tracking. The online lookup of the confirmation number will show NO change in status until the package is actually delivered. 

Delivery Confirmation For USPS Priority Mail is no additional charge from us. If we have your email we will send you a email with the Delivery Confirmation number. With out your email address this cannot happen.
Privacy Statement

2009 Holiday USPS Closing Schedule

Insurance Fees For USPS (United States Postal Service)

Insurance Coverage Desired

Fee in addition to Postage

$0.01 to $50.00


50.01 to 100.00


100.01 to 200.00


200.01 to 300.00


300.01 to 400.00


400.01 to 500.00


500.01 to 600.00


600.01 to 700.00


700.01 to 800.00


800.01 to 900.00


900.01 to 1,000.00


1,000.01 to 5,000.00

$14.55 plus $1.40 for each $100 or fraction thereof over $1,000 in desired coverage.


Delivery Confirmation For USPS:  Is included free when possible.

Multiple print orders and heavy items may be more depending on shipping costs. All orders will be shipped by USPS Priority Mail with insurance* unless otherwise specified. We try to ship all orders within 48 hours of placement, but we cannot guarantee shipping time frames. Most orders (97%) go out the day we receive them. This means your order is packed and given to the carrier generally the day you order it.

Texas Residents add 8.25% sales tax.

Shipping Examples:
A one pound package shipped by USPS in the 48 states worth $65.00 would cost $7.95 + $2.70 = $10.65  

A one pound and one ounce (17oz) package shipped by USPS to Zone 6 in the USA worth $49.00 would cost $11.50 + $2.20 = $13.70

A one pound and ten ounce (26oz) package shipped by USPS to Zone 8 in the USA worth $49.00 would cost $12.25 + $2.20 = $14.45 

International rates start at $19.95 for Priority Mail International and take 6-10 days most countries.

Shipping cost subject to change without notice.

USA Postal Zone Chart - Click Here

We will also ship with FedEx or UPS but there will be a $12.00 surcharge in addition to the shipping charge from either FedEx or UPS.
The reason we charge a surcharge for these two shippers is in our small town both are 10 miles or more from our office and their hours do  not fit with our business hours. We have to pay someone to drive to their drop off point which adds to our cost to do business with them. Please let us ship your order with the USPS (United States Postal Service) because their charges are much less and easier for us to use. We ship with USPS almost everyday therefore we can get your package out faster because we do not need someone else to go to a different shipping place.

Remember one of the easiest ways to save is to order several items at the same time. The shipping cost is highest for the first pound. Each additional pound only costs 25 to $3.45 more per pound depending upon the distance you are from Texas.** Therefore save money on your shipping, buy several prints you really want today. By grouping several items in a box you save big on your shipping cost.

Gift Certificate, Can't decide? Go with a Byron Rogers Gift Certificate. Gift Certificates are available starting at $20.00
Click here to purchase and for all the details.

* Note: we insure all merchandise in transit, unless you give us permission in writing to not insure the product.

Respecting the Earth's resources we use clean
recycled packaging materials when we can.

Risk of Loss
All items purchased from Byron Rogers Fine Photographs are made pursuant to a shipment contract. This means that the risk of loss and title for such items pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier.

Damaged Merchandise
Damaged shipments from handling must be claimed with the freight carrier. If any cartons are missing or damaged, be sure to note this on the freight bill. If you notice concealed damage after you open the box, keep all the packing and call the freight carrier to return and inspect the damage and file a claim or go to their shipping point and let them inspect the damage. We cannot be responsible for damage caused by the freight carrier.

Look for our Shipping Label
No matter how many packages or parcels you may receive, you can always feel confident knowing which ones are from Byron Rogers Fine Photographs. Just look in the upper left-hand corner of the shipping label or box to find the name Byron Rogers Fine Photographs along with our return address. Most of our knives or products are dispensed in USPS boxes, with our Byron Rogers Fine Photographs shipping label or stamp on the side. Other familiar packages from us may include: a brown or white corrugated box, a padded manila envelope and various UPS or FedEx boxes. What they all have in common is our shipping label or stamp with the Byron Rogers Fine Photographs name in the upper center or left-hand corner.

To find out where your USPS Priority Mail package is in route to you, enter the USPS delivery confirmation number by going to the Track & Confirm site here:


or by calling toll-free 1-800-222-1811.

Status is updated every evening.
The Delivery Confirmation service provides shipping and delivery dates but often does not provide any interim tracking information. The lack of this interim information does NOT mean that your package is not in route.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Check, PayPal, Western Union Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Check, PayPal, Western Union How to PayPal

Thank you for visiting our website

Rest assured that that your print or other items purchased from us will be carefully packed and shipped as quickly as possible to meet your satisfaction.

2013 Holiday USPS Closing Schedule: Or days the Post Office will not deliver your package and we can not ship your package.

• Tuesday, January 1 – New Year's Day (observed)
• Monday, January 21 – Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday (observed)
• Monday, February 18 – Washington's birthday (President’s Day)
• Monday, May 27 – Memorial Day
• Thursday, July 4 – Independence Day
• Monday, September 2 – Labor Day
• Monday, October 14 – Columbus Day
• Monday, November 11 – Veterans’ Day (observed)
• Thursday, November 28 – Thanksgiving Day
• Wednesday, December 25 – Christmas Day

Find the best shipping prices with Intershipper.net.
InterShipper QuickChart for shipping cost and tracking.  Enter the weight, the From zip code and the To zip code. Then get rate. Chick here.

If you would like to know more about shipping options, you can visit the following links:

United States Postal Service     Federal Express   United Parcel Service of America

All other trademarks, products brands, and logos referred to herein are the property of their respective owners. No such use, or the use of any trade names, is intended to convey endorsement or other affiliation.

**Cost based on shipping in USA rates

If you are returning an item to us be sure to check out our Packing Tips for packing procedures.

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