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Statements from Byron Rogers

Artist Statement from Byron Rogers

I find today the reason I do photography is very similar as it was many years ago when I started. Photography is like a Pandora's box. When it is opened it generally raises questions. Sometimes photography answers questions, but many times it produces more questions. My Pandora's Box is opened out of curiosity, but it never only lets out evil. I find what comes out is always interesting and it helps me continue exploring through photographs.

What best describes my guiding or underlying principles in one sentence is: I am a philosophical photographer.

I do not care for the name/title/label "fine art photographer" because it does not describe what I do and who I am. *

I appreciate your interest!



Photography Statement from Byron Rogers

I don’t care what technology I use as long as I get the photograph I want. The reasons for this are covered below.

This applies to the brand and size of camera. 

This applies to the focusing, exposure and type of media the image is formed on. 

This applies to how the image is made, be it film or digital. 

This applies to the type of camera including rangefinder, SLR, digital, view camera, instant and disposable.

I have used or owned and feel comfortable with the following:
Two different 8X10 view cameras, three different 4X5 view cameras, several medium format SLR cameras, two medium format TLR cameras, medium format rangefinder camera, many 35mm SLR cameras, several 35mm rangefinder cameras, several 35mm compact manual and autofocus cameras, several different 110 and 16mm cameras, two SLR digital cameras, one compact digital camera, several instant Polaroid cameras, and several box cameras. I believe that covers all the different cameras over the years. As you can see way too many cameras. But I know what I like because I have used so many types of cameras!

I have produced photographs in sizes ranging from 6 X 9 foot down to wallet size. I have produced color, black and white and instant photographs. I have produced photographic prints using the following process: platinum, Cibachrome, silver gelatin, chromogenic dye coupler, instant pack film/prints, instant integral film/prints and digital pigment prints.

I have used Agfa, Ansco (GAF), Efke, Fuji, Ilford, Kodak and Konica film and paper. Also Polaroid instant films including print, negative and transparency types.


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* "fine art photographer" --- This reminds me of a story: according to Henri Cartier-Bresson he wanted to call himself a surrealist photographer but his friend Robert Capa told him not to do so. Capa told him to call himself a photojournalist so he could keep on doing what he wanted.


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