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Abilene High School Book 1970 - 1971

A Vestige by Byron Rogers and Brian Watson

50th Anniversary

Cover for A Vestige book. ©Byron Rogers
Cover for A Vestige book.


A Vestige by Byron Rogers and Brian Watson ©1971
The last three volumes of the A Vestige book for sale.

Description Order # Price

A Vestige
by Byron Rogers and Brian Watson

The last known volumes of my book published in 1971.
A Vestige
by Brian Watson and Byron Rogers is a small book of photographs made throughout our senior year at Abilene High School in Abilene, Texas during the 1970-71 year.

Brian and I only printed 100 volumes all with the same original silver gelatin print cover. Two volumes where sent to the Library of Congress for the copyright requirement. That left only 98 for sale back in 1971. The books are first printing, first edition books and part of the only ones produced. They are the original books and not reproductions.  They were printed in 1971.

All the books are complete; no missing pages; no tears; no smudges; no marks or underlining. All are about excellent or better condition. 

Below are the last known volumes for sale.
Not Reproductions!

The book has 47 B&W photos and 56 pages with a small amount of text.

Book Dimensions: 6" X 4-3/8"

I will be glad to sign your volume or even sign it to you. Because everything I sale has a return privilege this book cannot not be returned if I sign it to you.



See below for Price

Free shipping*

Not Reproductions

Printed in 1971




A Vestige the best book - Near mint B-00001 $500.00
A Vestige the better book - Excellent B-00002 $450.00
A Vestige the good book - Excellent minus B-00003 $405.00

I am open to offers for the two books rated Excellent and Excellent minus above.
Make an offer by email, phone or mail. When they are gone that is the end of the book.

The books are going down in price every 30 days until they sale.

What this means you can wait until the book you want is at the price you want to pay. But of course someone may purchase the book you want before then because it reached the price they wanted to pay. It is your choice and we wish everyone good luck.

Brian and I printed the pages for the book on a Pearl 7" X 11" letterpress printing press made in 1899. The printing took place over a three week period in the summer of 1971. John Carroll let us use his printing press and showed us how to use it. Without his printing press and guidance the book would not have happened. Thank you John.

The cover is an original print that I produced of the old 1937 Chevy pickup in the driveway at John Carroll's home. The pickup set out in front of the garage were the press was and I was lucky enough to borrow a super wide lens and photographed it.

I made all the prints for the plates and the original silver gelatin print for the covers. The cover prints are fiber base, double weight, matt surface, Luminos B&W paper developed in Dektol. By my standards today the original silver gelatin prints for the cover are very good  but the reproductions in the book are low quality. I am not sure why the reproductions inside the book are low quality. It could be my prints made for the plates where not as good as they should be or it may have been the plates made by the Abilene Reporter-News, either way I was only 19 when the book was made. I had zero exposure to fine prints by 1971; that would happen about a year later.

I made the majority of the photographs for the book as they are about 70% Byron's and 30% Brian's. I do not remember why Brian's name was first in the copyright notice. It may have been he set the type for that page and he paid for the plates used to make the book.

Brian and I purchased the book paper and ink and shared the work printing on the old printing press.  We also assembled the books and stapled them together. I think we sold the book for $2.50 each back in 1971, in today's money about $15.50. I do remember we did not sell all of them. That is why I have three left for sale now.

I paid for the 100 original prints used for the cover and Brian paid for the plates used to print the books. Luckily I owned a good darkroom to print the 100 original print covers and the prints of the photos used in the book and Brain had money in his saving account to help make the book happen. We of course where young and did not know we would lose our shirts in making and selling the book. We didn't know anything about publishing at the time. We just wanted to share our senior year experience with our classmates, teachers and anyone interested.

I wonder how many other books similar to this one have been made before or since we made ours dealing with high school students looking back through their senior year?

50th Anniversary

Abilene Reporter-News

It's Their Book - All the Way by Verlie McAlister, Youth Editor

Article in the Abilene Reporter-News dated Thursday Evening, August 26, 1971, Abilene, Texas. The article was about the book and us producing it. The Abilene Reporter-News made the 47 printing plates for us for several hundred dollars but I do not remember the total cost.

* Above price includes USPS Priority Mail shipping with insurance in the USA.
All measurements are approximate in size.

Please note: by purchasing any original, you are NOT purchasing rights to the image or rights to reproduce the image. All copyrights remain under the artists ownership.

Support living artists. The dead ones don’t need it. --- Keep it real!

On Texas by Byron Rogers - new book of Texas photographs in a limited edition of 20.

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