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The Media Kit is where you will find services, features, resources and information for™ online photography, photographers and technique-related marketing. Look for our current Rate Card, banner ad size requirements, Category Sponsor and much more.

Banner Ad Management
delivery system with
easy to use web interface


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You control when your ad shows. Both the time of day and the day of the week.


You control Country, State/Region and/or City/Territory to see your ad.


You control how many times any one visitor sees your ad in a 24 hour period.


Use our advanced targeting capabilities to get more bang for your ad dollar.


Easy to use web interface ad management control panel

With Marketing, you can strategically plan your online ads and advanced targeting capabilities. You can pay by credit card or PayPal. This works and is cost effective!

Efficiency - Flexibility - Simplicity
All come together to create a powerful advertising system.

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 Advertiser's ad management control panel
 Each advertiser has personal login to their control panel

Individual performance reports for you from PWG network.

Campaign Statistics Find out how your banners are performing within our online Advertisement Management Control Panel.

◄◄ Ad Management and Reporting
Control Panel

This free, easy-to-use tracking tool takes the guesswork out of advertising campaigns.

Each advertiser has personal login including username and password. You don't have to wonder if your banners are getting results. Your stats show you.

Each advertiser has personal login including username and password.

Read below for the details.

Online reports show you real-time activity.
Access them online 24/7 at your convenience!

This free, easy-to-use tracking tool takes the guesswork out of advertising campaigns. The Ad management control panel provides our advertisers with conversion data (including count, clicks and rate) at the banner and account level for all your campaigns. You can know exactly how each banner or campaign is performing by the hour, day or month. Each advertiser has the ability to export their Campaign's day-by-day statistics to Excel from the ad management control panel.

NOTICE: The banner display network includes and the ads shown on SWG are controled by the same Ad Server. does not show banners on and does not show banners on If you want to show banners on both websites at the same time it can be done.

When you have paid, you will receive a username and password which will allow you to login to the control panel and get started. Using the control panel, you can:

Powerful Real-Time Statistics

Track each individual ad, campaign, and network performance using real-time reporting features. With our statistical reporting, you can monitor your ad performance with ease. Several reports are provided including 30-day outlook, per hour reporting and last 14 days.

Performance Summary

A performance summary is provided on each of your reports. Both unique impressions and clicks, raw impressions and raw clicks are recorded. The Click Through Ratio (CTR) is also calculated within the Performance Summary.

24 Hour Break Down

Our system allows you to go beyond traditional reporting with a 24 hour break-down of your ad's clicks and impressions. The 24 hour breakdown includes the current day results as well as the previous days. This information can be used to monitor which hours get the most impressions and/or clicks. The many targeting options lets advertisers focus on when it's most advantageous to show their ads and save money by limiting spending to when conversion is highest.

Monthly Breakdown (last 4 months)

You can see an over view from one to four months of stats for all your campaigns. Great to get an overall picture of your banner campaigns.

Other Statistics

The other statistics record information such as unique impressions for today, yesterday and daily averages. Also learn which day was the best performing day as far as the most impressions. This information is available for each ad you setup as well as the campaigns overall

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 Targeting Features - Advanced techniques for more control for all advertisers.

By adjusting targeting features or variables you increase the chance that the segment of your audience most important to you will be shown your ad.

Flexible ad scheduling: You have control of your advertising campaign. Start dates, number of impressions and amount of time your ad runs are all up to you.

Think Global   World Wide Selective Targeting    GeoTargeting Ads - Your in control

  • GeoTargeting allows you to restrict ad displays to visitors by Country, State/Region and/or City/Territory. The new GeoLite databases are 99.5% accurate at a country level and 79% on a city level for the US within a 25 mile radius. The software is able to detect which country, state or city our visitors are located in and show ads based on your delivery settings. A great improved feature especially if you are targeting other countries or a select city for a certain product or service. You now have world, country, state or city targeting in showing your banners.

Show your ads to the countries, state or city you choose
--- You are in control ---

Example 1, if you are advertising a sweepstakes open to USA residents only, you can have us only show ads to visitors inside the United States. Saving valuable impressions and reducing your ad costs.

Example 2, if you are a merchant with one store and only what to show your ad to website visitors based in the city your store is located you can choose to do this.

Example 3, if you are a dealer in England and do not ship your inventory outside the United Kingdom you can choose to have us only show ads to visitors inside the United Kingdom. We can do this type of selective targeting with most of the countries and many cities in the world, which will save you money. This is a free service included with your order.

You control which country, state and city to target your ad. Look at the country selection list below. Then tell us the countries you want to show your ads to and we do the rest.

The default setting in our banner delivery system is "Show to users in ALL geographic locations" for banner ads and text ads.

A dropdown list of the current detected countries in the GeoTargeting:
Or use the complete list on this page click here.

Do you have a one-day sale?

We do not offer pop-up or pop-under advertisements anywhere on our sites. We do not offer advertisements on our home page of site but we do offer them on the home page of site and Blog.

The system supports auto notifications by e-mail. receives information about advertisers' registration and purchase – advertisers receive information about the performance of their campaigns and when each Campaign ends.

Click here for glossary on Web Technology and Advertising

Be aware that you can run the same banner ad around one to three months within a campaign period before its appeal lessens in the online advertising world. So it makes sense to spend extra time and money to prepare a worthwhile ad that can be successfully used for awhile. Over long terms such as these, however, be aware that the client (you) often tires of the ad before the audience does.

NOTICE: PWG authorizes you to use the PWG site and network solely for your personal use and for no other purpose. Any other use of PWG systems and information is strictly prohibited.

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