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    A valuable page of great stuff to watch, listen, read and download all about photography, photographers and related stuff for free.

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    Do you collect photographs?
    Do you collect cameras?
    Do you collect photography books?
    Do you collect photography magazines?
    Have you been to a photography workshop?
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    Have you ever watched a slide show using slide film?
    Do you own a slide film projector?
    How many cameras do you own?
    How many lenses do you own?
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    How many camera bags or carriers do you own?

    Each poll's objective is to be informative and fun. There will be more added as time goes by, so please check back.

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Here at PhotoWebGuide.comwe are not interested in labels like artist, master or professional photographer because the work done by anyone shows at what level they are. Let the work speak for its self.

Photographer Edward Weston covered this well over 80 years ago:
Is it art—can it be? Who knows or cares! It is a vital new way of seeing, it belongs to our day and age, its possibilities have only been touched upon. So why bother about art—a word so abused it is almost obsolete. But for the sake of discussion, the difference between good and bad art lies in the minds that created, rather than in skill of hands: a fine technician may be a very bad artist, but a fine artist usually makes himself a fine technician to better express his thought. And the camera not only sees differently with each worker using it, but sees differently than the eyes see: it must, with its single eye of varying focal lengths.
Edward Weston, Camera Craft, Vol. 37, No. 7, pp. 313-20, 1930

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